Our watermelons are harvested at optimum maturity with a particularly tender and juicy red flesh.

Our production schedule :



Aromatic melons, full of sugar with a melting texture thanks to The best exposure of us greenhouses to the sun which allows the development of all the aromas.

Every day we manually select and harvest fruits guaranteeing freshness and flavor. Our production schedule :


Courgette zucchini

We cultivate the most commercial type of green zucchini: fine zucchini.
Resistant varieties are selected for export, which allows them to withstand transport and handling and to arrive in good condition at the place of destination.

Thanks to the sunny climate of our region, the zucchini is cultivated at the end of summer for a harvest during the winter :



With a production of over 25,000 tonnes of round tomatoes and all varieties, we offer you a wide range of choices with fresh tomatoes intended for export.

Our tomatoes are picked when ripe, packaged, and shipped the same day in the harvest, limiting handling. We harvest the size and color of your choice and ship directly from the farm to the customer without intermediaries.

Our producers are committed and certified (GlobalGap Certification).

Round tomato

The fruit is round, of excellent quality, firmness, and very uniform color, and has a long shelf life. Several calibers are available :

Tomato diameter
(in mm)
40 à 4747 à 5757 à 6767 à 8282 à 102

Other varieties of tomatoes :

In addition to round tomatoes, we produce several varieties of tomatoes: elongated tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and cluster cocktail.

Our production schedule :

Round tomatoes
Elongated tomatoes
Elongated cherry tomatoes
Round cherry tomatoes
Bunch cocktail tomatoes